Sunday, June 28, 2009

Only 2 followers! :O

Okay come on girl! We only have 2 followers! :O Speedy and another girl. And alot of us have blogs! So come on girls! follow us! :D

Thursday, June 11, 2009

summer updates!

sorry i have not posted in a while! i have been pretty busy, and i also could not accsess the blog on my computer for some reason lol. Just a few updates on me, first of all i got elliminated from project girlsense the first week bummer:( but i am okay with it now! also if u want to follow whats happening in project girlsense visit I am going to camp next week so i won't be able to post. I have sooo much fun at camp every year! i tell people that i don't get homesick, i get campsick when i am not at camp lol. Hope u guys don't die from missing me:) Also if u could plz check out my forum It is really hot where i live, i mean seriously, i am sweating while typing this, and i am even in air conditioning! but i am definatly looking forward to summer! swimming, camp, hanging with friends, no school, and just chilling! anyways thats all i have to say right know ttyl! ~aqua~

Friday, June 5, 2009

Class Rooms

Well I'm Thinking about Opening a Class Room! Whoohoo! It will be an Art Class room! I want you all to join! PLEASE! i RAN IT BY BB TODAY IN A PM AND SHE HAS NOT REPLYED SO IF YOU WANT TO PM ME! KK? AND IT WILL BE FUN AND EASY YOU WILL GET TO EXPRESS YO SELFS!! cHECK IT OUT!