Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So this is for a class im taking......

Nail polish

okay so this is one of my random posts lol, its about nail polish. I have to wear nail polish at all times on my finger and toe nails. its like a cylce once u start, its just something u have to do. I have nail polish in almost every posible color not kidding! I love getting my nails done, a french mani is my favorite! but its kinda expensive so i can't do it often. so this is the end of a very random and short post! lol ~aqua

A poem by me


A touching poem

Have you ever come to think,This life may be a dream.And everything we think is real,Isn't as real as it would seem?Have you ever come to ponder,if when we die we will awaken,With nothing more then a feelingof being quite tired and quite shaken?Have you come to the conclusion,That life is nothing more,then a glimpse of light, a glimpse of hope,Or even just a chore--Because I'm pretty positive,That no one ever dies-And when we finally fall still,It's just another minute's demise.It may seem as thoughLife is pretty long,But in the very end,We will realize we're all wrong.Life is just a moment,and I can tell you my dear friend,That although we may pass on and die,Our memory will never end.The things we touch holds part of us,Sometimes it's all that's left behind.But when we pass on,It's those things we will find.They will forever keep us here,those rare things that we love,They'll keep us remaining here where we are,Watching from above.But the main thing is my dear,Is the point we will not die.So when it seems as if someone has,There is no point to cry.They will always be alive,just not as they were before.The only difference is,you will not see them anymore.But somewhere else they are living their life,Or maybe living their death,Don't feel that one has left you behind,Just because they've taken their last breath.There is a place where breathing isn't needed,A place where there is no pain,But unfortunately it's a place,you can't reach by car or train.but you will be there someday,With all your other friends,And then you will realize,That our life never ends.~ By Sparkle *****

Project Girl Sense

Project GIrlsense is a new contest being heald by moose. Its a "remake" of project runway, on girlsense. I my self have entered. This week we were all assigned models. A local flower peraid wanted a fab flowery costume. We all had to make one out fit encluding pants shirt (or dress) and shoes. But of course you could dock up on points the more things you use. I am expecting the winners and such to be anounced today, or tomaro.
-SCglam editor- ADC
See You Soon

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Me. A poem by ADC

I'm Candy and Venom
Skirts and High tops
Rasberry lemonaid
Smart and Glam
Wine and Chips
Hard Rock and Pink
Tough Love
Hard Core and Sensitive
Flirty and Reseved
And If You Can't Take It...... Then Deal


I need more followers yall! My blog is updated all the time so PLEASE tell your frineds to FOLLOW US. Thanks! :D

GUPS Winner

i am sure this is old news to yall but i am posting this just incase. The winner or GUPS season 1 was................................................Moose! congrats! congrats to marla for second place, and to all the contestants, they were all great! BB said that she will probally have another season of it in the fall and i am so excited! i can't descide if i want to be a judge again or a contestant. Also Project girlsense is starting! The deadline for the first challenge entry's is tonight at midnight, there is still time to enter and submit ur first challenge but it MUST be before midnight tonight or moose will have to eliminate! anyways that just a little update on contests.

Aqua n' me

I see you have all me aqua. I have picked her to help me make this blog the best that it can. She is responsible. That brings m to this. I am looking for 1 more person to help me but they MUST be a fourm polyvore and GS member. They also must be able to keep up with the exiting web! So if you can help Me and aqua, that would e grate! - SCG editor - ADC

Aqua's in the house!

Hey guys this is aqua from the forum! I am sooo happy to be part of the SCG team. I Will be blogging about polyvore, contests, myself, music, and what ever other random thing i can dream up! I think Jazz has done a great job so far and i look forward to helping her to make this blog really neat. Anyways thats all for now!
XOXO, Aqua!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Top 7 Ways To Kick Stress In the BUTT

Lets face it girls, lifes busy to the max, so why not take a little while to calm your self. These are a few simple steps te relax.
1. make a blog. You really can have fun giveing opinions with no one complaining
2. Do your nails. You will be happy with the clean look
3. Set a goal. Giving yourself a goal is good. It gives you something to look forward to.
4. Read a book. Leave your everey day life and enter the wourld of bella swan or Laura Ingles
5. watch a chick flick, romance or a comady light some candles and just watch a cute movie.
6. take a long bath, not only will it clean your poors, but relax you also.
7. Just smile and laugh at your self. Shake it off. Life will go on

Miss Katy's Class Room

I just signed up for MKCR!! I so can not wait to learn abotu art history! What do yall think aboput it?? Well ya ttyl!! just thought I'd post that

SCglam Logo

Yes, you are not blanking, that is Marilyn menro, and she is the official SCglam logo. I picked her because she is glam. I look at her as evreything SCG means. NO I do not look at her a a roll modle in anyway, but she is fablouse. I made the logo myself. So next time you look at marlin menro. don't look at her as a trashy bloond, look at her as Sugar Coated Glam!

-The Editor of SCG - ADC

Sugar Coated Out Fits Of The Week

RockStar by: Prinzess27

The top is FAB. And 100% rocker Chic

Keep up the good work! :D

Black And White By: babegotmilk

I <3>

The top was made by speedy her self and the WONDERFUL guitar is

a present to PIG from IndianFashions!! Speedy you rock my socks! :D

thats this weeks Sugar Coated Outfits -SCglam Editor- ADC

High Tops **Fab Or Drab**

High tops, they are a major show of personality in a outfit. You can rock them with a asirt skiny jeans. I really enjoy them. They are super cumfy and can be rocked with any outfit. They have the school girl feel with that funnsess of punk. They can be dressed up, down, and are a little out side the box the you regular skator shoes. I really enjoy the funky colored ones. No matter who you are, high tops are a grate thing to have in your closet. Rino, DC, pastry, baby Phat, what ever you choose, yo will e sure to rock the school halls in your funky are work.
Thats the Sugar Coted look of the day. - Editor of SCglam, ADC


This is indeed my first post ever. My name is ADC and you probobly new that. I will be having 2 other people help me with my blog! :) Check in now and then for the latest of Sugar Coted Glam