Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A touching poem

Have you ever come to think,This life may be a dream.And everything we think is real,Isn't as real as it would seem?Have you ever come to ponder,if when we die we will awaken,With nothing more then a feelingof being quite tired and quite shaken?Have you come to the conclusion,That life is nothing more,then a glimpse of light, a glimpse of hope,Or even just a chore--Because I'm pretty positive,That no one ever dies-And when we finally fall still,It's just another minute's demise.It may seem as thoughLife is pretty long,But in the very end,We will realize we're all wrong.Life is just a moment,and I can tell you my dear friend,That although we may pass on and die,Our memory will never end.The things we touch holds part of us,Sometimes it's all that's left behind.But when we pass on,It's those things we will find.They will forever keep us here,those rare things that we love,They'll keep us remaining here where we are,Watching from above.But the main thing is my dear,Is the point we will not die.So when it seems as if someone has,There is no point to cry.They will always be alive,just not as they were before.The only difference is,you will not see them anymore.But somewhere else they are living their life,Or maybe living their death,Don't feel that one has left you behind,Just because they've taken their last breath.There is a place where breathing isn't needed,A place where there is no pain,But unfortunately it's a place,you can't reach by car or train.but you will be there someday,With all your other friends,And then you will realize,That our life never ends.~ By Sparkle *****

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